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Sales, discounts in stores. Ability to save? Or collapse?

Today we have become accustomed to-late in the season make quick shopping, to capture something fashionable widget from last collection at half price. Experienced psychologists saying to all: the attitude towards things and purchases may end very badly and develop into disease. In contrast to them, continually improving the marketing system discounts than enticed to their shops and more and more customers. So whether is the "discount" a lower price for the goods or just ordinary course of the ad and no more?

The rebates and discounts become sufficiently serious manipulation of consciousness client. The logic of such a technique is quite simple: on the one hand, buyers are able to buy cheaper goods from other sellers through rebates not only exempt from the cash balances, but also recruit new loyal customers. Indeed, it was precisely during the period of sales in some stores gave customers coupons that offer a discount on any single item with the following collection, distribute catalogues novelties and discount cards.

The fact that some cosmetics company A is popular with the average wage earner, I heard a long time ago. However, the opportunity to try out most recently, and then only because the window advertised discount on a product that given to me at the time was really needed. However, it gave me a discount card, which in completing certain cells collected, I relied additional prize choice. Then I received a pocketbook, which had the right to buy goods from 5 to 20% discount, and if you buy just three earned as a gift camera. A recently received a postcard from a company gets 25% of the favorite product and gift each customer-winter gloves. On hike in the shop I saved only travel-time, I did not respect the deadline, and the action took place. That is what means by good strategy and a successful advertising campaign.

What is the discount?

Unfortunately, has no rules regulating discounts and sales. That is why vendors treat our brother as a hit. Only when the city began shopping discounts, I assure you, no trends you notice. Some shops do it seasonally; others decrease the price for summer goods until February. Frequency discounts depends on the policy of the company and the frequency shift range. After all, agree that no seller will not operate at a loss. The main purpose of the adjustment is to prevent a glut. Indeed, a high level of competition makes producers more frequently change their product range, which is why sellers should be exempt shelves for a new product, stimulating sales. Moreover, what is happening to income? The average premium for clothing and footwear in shops at 100-150%, so sellers nothing to lose, even lowering the price by half.

To avoid trapped.

Society for the Protection of consumer rights produce booklets for attention at the time of sale. In the first place, they advised to look at the price, arguing that too often sellers simply deceived buyers. One day, checking 170 shops, it was discovered that 32 shops in the old price simply replaced by the new, no change in a single digit in the price. That would be a raid into our stores!

In a city shop, proudly mark the inscription: "50% discount." You go in the shop, before you some pretty coats that you admired entire season, but the price has made it impossible to even come close. Therefore, he waited moment! Now, we have to find my size - and quickly to the desk. So here, you are first do with ice-cold bucket of water. It turns out that 50% discount is granted only by the size XS, which, respectively, nobody buys because it is unlikely to stretched themselves and teen today. Moreover, your very common border even at the price level has changed little!

The second favorite way to shop - hide the truth from potential buyers. Suppose you say that thing was cheaper than doubled. Nevertheless, pay attention to the price, very often, if you try ripping odd new price, but it will find a very similar, possibly at 5-10 dollars above, but not by 50%. It turns out the goods from six months scene in the warehouse, because last season he never purchased, and now again positioning a product with a new collection, but at a discount.

Sometimes, in the window says: "Debt 50-70%, but in fact only reduced prices up to 30%. It operates mental calculation, "and suddenly the buyer likes something so that he wills not important what is the discount." Yet most of the local vendors expect mathematical illiteracy of our citizens. If the thing being sold with a 50% discount, then yes, everything is OK, the price lower for all rules that are clear-a figure split in half; there would be no great difficulty. Quite the opposite is the case, when discounts are 15%, 20% or 30%. Then the shop to go to the calculator, because as a proportion of store you are unlikely to want, and that is what is expected and sellers.

So buy it?

Number of people dependent on sales, the latter is increasing rapidly. The psychologists even a new terminology-syndrome sale. The essence of it is that the buyer almost rashly "fall into a trap" on the contrast between the old and new price. As a result, a disproportionate amount of money spent on things that are not exactly what is needed "at this time, in this place."

No secret that the majority of well-known brands working with psychologists, and all actions aimed at the buyer have received the pleasure of the success is measured in money. Man saves, and hence subconsciously rejoices that bought something cheaper than could be. Moral pleasure noticeable to the naked eye. Few people asked themselves whether he bought a thing if I did not discount want it to him at all.

One of my staff after regular trouble in the workplace, double the diary of a son or a quarrel with her husband, quietly taking the purse and disappears for a time. Then returned with another gold ornament-in a way it disposes of negative energy. Of course, this method is possible and gives miraculous results, but it must be tightly jeep purse. However, if you are alone on a shopping trip is a way to defuse the emotional and bright windows and shelves full of goods has long been somehow converted them into meditation, is not to deprive themselves of such pleasures. For many people, this is a unique way to relax and enjoy some light. Just need to know how to behave so as not to be misled and then not regret the lost money spent.

And if still a thing "is not cheap" gives you the tranquility, and you constantly think about it, try old as the world our grandmothers, "with this idea must sleep." If the morning with the first thoughts awakening it is to raise your bed-then this purchase really takes you only pleasure and sea pleasant emotions.

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