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Every man has to be...

Even the perfect dress will be nothing if it chosen the wrong shoes. Select shoes can completely transform your appearance: even if you bought luxurious designer jeans or the best costume, finding it an ideal shirt and fashionable tie, your shoes can reduce all efforts to nothing. In men's wardrobe should be at least five basic models of shoes, that the sum of its holder in virtually all situations.

1. Shoes or sneakers.

Clothing style should be casual wardrobe of every man, even if every time he is in office. Sterling weekend occur infrequently, so make sure to dress weekends have to aesthetic pleasure and comfort. That is why even the speech will not be that the wear any old or second-rate shoes. Let them be comfortable, stylish and versatile offers. For example, ultramodnaya model Roma Pigskin in vintazhnom style of Puma is the best example of how this might look like shoes for the weekend.

2. Everyday shoes.

Not every holiday is too easy style, and, in addition to shoes, it is necessary to have another option shoes or boots in the style of casual. It can be low shoes of laces, thin leather soles. Danae model, in fact, should be as universal in your wardrobe: you can wear every day, if your work is not strictly ideological. That is why these shoes should be supported from the smooth black leather, a minimum of decoration and not looks massive. Such shoes can be found at Steve Madden.

3. Black model shoes.

Even if you wear every day classic suit, involving the selection of appropriate dress shoes, extra pair of "exit" would still be present in your wardrobe. Main features of this model are a small heelpiece elongated toes, smooth skin with frosted shine. The rest depends on the characteristics about the suit, the season, etc.

4. Brown model shoes.

You say, is it unnecessary? Not at all! Today, dark brown in footwear fashion, into the "second" black. If black is a classic color, for purely formal ceremonies, the brown allowed in the day-to-day business style. For example, the model of shoes smooth brown skin can even be put to a meeting of the Board of Directors.

5. Classic Shoes.

Classic Shoes is another universal model casual shoe designed for a cold climate. In choosing classic shoes note, in particular, their functionality and compatibility. They should be considered in the suit, and jeans. In addition, that this feature worked, should choose shoes with a black square nose, a high heel and the hole.

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