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Men's Shoes: Excellent Five

Does it that you bought a couple of excellent classic shoes, and then inquired it is only half your wardrobe? If so, this article is for you. However even for those who know perfectly all fashion details, the following material would also be useful. Therefore, start with the fact that not everyone comes to shoes is a suit-even if both remain in the classics. In addition, as a truly good and decent shoes are quite expensive, a better insight into all underwater rocks already "on the bank" by considering the basic types of classic male model shoes. Looking at our classification, you easily select the most appropriate model for your next step clear career path.

1. Oxfords

Ancestor of this model shoes are "balmorals", routinely fashionable in England. Oxford is leather shoes with relatively low recovery closed string hole, no rubber low heel and sole. However, modern Oxfords can be suede, and synthetic materials. In any case, oxford's typology is not the material as a form: a flat, with a minimum of decoration.

Like most classical models Oxfords, most pieces in black, dark gray, Burgundy, navy, and nut-very rarely white shades. Oxfords - good shoes for many occasions. The simple models without the original decor are suitable for the office. No less harmoniously, the model of shoes will look at quasi events or receptions, in which case the already permitted variations in color, such as brandy Oxfords will give you a delicious flavor, but always-cautious view. For more events that are formal, such fantasy is unacceptable: the black, varnished to shine leather, must support Oxfords and soles and heelpiece must be made of a smooth material and possibly perfect polish.

2. Loafers

The first shoes were introduced in the early 20th century. Their basic quality-universality and the best experience, which is why loafers can be combine with certain types of classical costumes and with sports things (think about sailing, and all at once it becomes clear). The main characteristic is the lack of any loafers laces or trousers, which is characteristic of moccasin in general (loafers come from the model shoe). Loafers had copied moccasins top shape, but are larger and flat underside. Very often, loafer brushes can be seen as a decoration, although in most modern models of the decoration disappears. At the top of the shoe has a horizontal bar, and previously served as decoration for retention. One of the best loafers produces Gucci House: these thin boots with socks decorated pencil lead and bamboo, which makes these shoes ideal for in the semi activities.

3. Pointy shoes

In fact, these shoes - decorated variety of Oxfords. In this case, almost whimsical designer has no boundaries, and in most cases, this kind of male shoes was still in the classics. The most basic decor located at the top of shoe over toes. This can be a simple line or stripe, allowing the shoes turn into daily classics. In addition, therefore, the entire splendor better to reserve for special occasions.

4. Classic Shoes

Classic Shoes should be supported in a thin skin and be narrowed in the ankle and heelpiece to ensure absolute comfort owner of the model. This type of footwear is a good polishing, and sometimes decorated perforations. The most successful versions of classic shoe can be found in the collections of Prada. Classic Shoes - excellent combination of the business suit, and the casual clothing style: black designer jeans or a piece of simple trousers.

5. Moccasin with buckle (Monk)

The moccasin and loafer this type of shoe makes no rifle. However, if loafers are straight up or decoration in the form of brushes, the type of shoes necessarily equipped with a horizontal strip of cloth with a metal buckle. The location of the bar is the main feature of the model: if the shoes with socks, it is critical to immediately toes, then the variety Moccasin-in the upper part. Moccasin classic with a buckle from a fashionable Ferragamo. Despite the fact that the type of male shoes remains a classic, metal signs and a heelpiece gives it less formal appearance. These convenient moccasins fashionable to be any jeans or trousers in the office, and walk.

A pair of good dress shoes is generally less than 350 dollars. However, the high cost of providing longevity of the shoe, that is why buying a good classical model is always a good investment. In choosing the main draw attention to the quality of the material: regardless of the pattern of the skin should be easy, smooth and shiny.

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